Chem 6A-B-C Help Room

TAs and Tutors in the specified Chemistry 6A-B-C classes on the chart below do not hold office hours, but instead are part of the team coverage of Help Room. Students may seek assistance at Help Room from any TA or Tutor affiliated with a particular course number. For example, all Chem 6A students may go to Help Room whenever a Chem 6A TA or Tutor is on the schedule. For courses not covered by Help Room, students may meet with their section's TA or Tutor during office hours as announced in class.

Help Room Coverage by Quarter:
  • Fall: Chem 6A
  • Winter: Chem 6A and 6B
  • Spring: Chem 6B and 6C

Location: York Hall 4020A & 4020B