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Edward A. Dennis
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacology
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Assistant Professor Tatiana Mishanina
Assistant Professor Mark Herzik
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Inorganic Seminar
03/22/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Pacific Hall 4500

Professor Michael Nippe
Taking Inspiration From Bulk: Molecular Electrocatalysis and Magnetization Dynamics of Heterometallic Lanthanide – Transition Metal Complexes

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Thesis Defense
03/22/2019 (Fri) at 01:00 PM
Tyler Matthew Porter
From Electron Transfer to Isomerization: Chemical Dynamics on the Ultrafast Timescale

Physical/Analytical Seminar
03/26/2019 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
Professor Xiaosong Li
Manifestation of Spin-Coupling in Computational Molecular Spectrocopies

Organic Seminar
04/08/2019 (Mon) at 11:00 AM
Dr. Charles Perrin
Symmetry of Hydrogen Bonds in Solution

Physical/Analytical Seminar
04/09/2019 (Tue) at 04:00 PM
Professor Keith Nelson
Nonlinear Terahertz Spectroscopy of Molecules and Materials

Inorganic Seminar
04/12/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Professor Bob Waymouth

Special Seminar
04/15/2019 (Mon) at 04:30 PM
Professor Donna Blackmond
Autocatalytic Models for Symmetry Breaking and the Emergence of Biological Homochirality

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