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Biochemistry Seminar
10/24/2019 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
NSB Auditorium 1205

Professor Adam Frost
Solving Stress with Structures

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Inorganic Seminar
10/25/2019 (Fri) at 11:00 AM
Professor Frederique Cunin
Porous silicon, a biodegradable semiconductor for nanomedicine

Thesis Defense
10/25/2019 (Fri) at 02:00 PM
Juyeon Ko
Characterization of FGFR Signaling in Prostate Cancer Stem Cells and their Inhibition via TKI treatment

Organic Seminar
10/28/2019 (Mon) at 11:00 AM
Professor Nick Stephanopoulos
Hybrid self-assembled nanomaterials from proteins, peptides, and DNA

Chem Ed
10/28/2019 (Mon) at 12:00 PM
Sonia Underwood, Ph.D.
Implementing a novel curriculum: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Initial Propagation

Biochemistry Seminar
10/31/2019 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Professor Leo Pallanck
The primary genetic risk factor in Parkinson’s disease acts by influencing the spread of protein aggregates

Biochemistry Seminar
11/07/2019 (Thu) at 12:00 PM
Professor Rachel Klevit
Order, Disorder, Quasi-order: How a small heat shock protein delays Tau aggregation

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