Timothy Bertram
Experimental Atmospheric Chemistry

Contact Information
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office: Urey Hall
Email: thbertram@ucsd.edu
Web: bertramgroup.ucsd.edu
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2006 Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
2000 B.A., Colby College
Awards and Academic Honors
NASA New Investigator Award
DOE Early Career Award
NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests
Research in the Bertram group is designed to provide direct experimental and observation based constraints for a host of chemical processes. These include:

- The time evolution of the source-sink relationship for greenhouse gases.

- The heterogeneous processing of reactive trace gases.

- The interaction of the atmosphere, biosphere and the oceans.
Primary Research Area
Physical/Analytical Chemistry
Interdisciplinary interests
Atmospheric and Environmental

Outreach Activities
Actively promote diversity in higher education through acting as a mentor for female graduate students, one from an underrepresented group. Further, I actively encourage their participation in on-campus groups that promote diversity and scientific advancement of undergraduate students from underrepresented groups.

As part of our Phase I, Chemical Center for Innovation, my group participates in an array of outreach activities at local elementary and high schools. These activities target traditionally underrepresented groups within the sciences. More Information: http://caice.ucsd.edu/Outreach.html

Actively participate in Socrates program by giving seminars, and providing research support for projects. More Information: http://sciencebridge.ucsd.edu/programs/socrates/who-we-are/2012-2013
Image Gallery

Nocturnal processing of nitrogen oxides.

Forward trajectories originating from NYC (left) and the corresponding tropospheric column NO2 for the same time period (right).

Selected Publications