The Chemistry Academic Advising office serves undergraduate student majors and students enrolled in Chemistry courses with questions including, but not limited to:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Major Requirements
  • Minor Requirements
  • Department Policies
  • Academic Regulations

The Chemistry Academic Advising Office is located at YORK HALL 4010.

Students can select from the following advising options:

Walk-In Advising

Advisors are available in-person to answer your urgent questions and issues.

  • 15-minute session per student visit
  • M - Th, 8:30AM - 11:45AM & 1:00PM - 3:45PM
  • Waiting times vary depending on advisor availability

Examples of walk-in advising questions include: 

  • The course I planned to enroll in for my Chemistry major is full, what options do I have for courses to enroll in?
  • I got a "W" in my CHEM class, and I need that class as a pre-requisite for another course.  What should I do?
  • I'd like to minor in Chemistry and I have already taken some Chemistry courses, what courses should I choose to list on my proposal and how do I submit my application for the Chemistry minor?
  • I'm interested in getting some research experience, where can I get more information?  Who should I talk to?

Advising Appointment

Advisors are available to meet for 30-45 minutes to help you:

  • Develop a quarter-by-quarter plan for one of the degree programs
  • Discuss major course requirements, department policies, and academic regulations
  • Provide information on tutorial support services and other campus resources
  • Discuss resources for graduate school or career options
  • Discuss opportunities for research and experiential learning

You can schedule an advising appointment by visiting the Chemistry Student Affairs office at YORK 4010 or calling the front desk at (858) 534-4856.

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

The VAC serves as a record of all correspondence between students and academic advisors.  You may submit questions to the Chemistry Academic Advising office through the VAC.  This is an ideal option when you are not on campus or are not available to stop by for walk-in but have a quick, straighforward question.  

  • VAC messages are reviewed daily by advising staff
  • Questions are reviewed according to place in the queue 
  • Typical response time is 2-5 business days (depending on time of the quarter)

Please use email etiquette and courtesy when submitting your message.  State your question/s clearly and if applicable, refer to previous communication with advising staff. The VAC is the preferred method of communication over email correspondence.  If you must send the department an email, you can contact using your UCSD email account.


Staff Advisors

Erica Lennard, Director of Student Affairs 

Erica has had a rewarding career with UC San Diego for over 15 years, in a variety of roles. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCSD, she started out on campus as a student employee at the UCSD Library and also the Medical Center. With the support of terrific mentors and role models, she later moved into leadership roles on campus. She has served as the Director of Student Affairs and Industry Relations in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry since January 2011. She thoroughly enjoys working with our Student Affairs team to help guide both our undergraduate and graduate students towards their degree goals, and she is also proud to support our excellent faculty as they pursue impactful, cutting-edge scientific research. 

On a personal level, Erica is committed to health and wellness, and earned a national certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). She keeps active with her husband and their energetic Golden Retriever. She enjoys hiking, skiing, traveling, reading, and continuously learning!  
Erica’s door is always open if she can be a resource to you during this enriching time in your life as you strive for success in your educational and career pursuits!

Ethel Regis Lu, Academic Advisor

Ethel graduated from UC San Diego with degrees in Biology and Ethnic Studies.  As an undergrad, she was actively involved in student-led outreach efforts through APSA and the Cross Cultural Center as well as mentored high school and incoming students through OASIS and CREATE.  She went on to a PhD program in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley and in 2009, returned to UC San Diego where she has been able to pursue her interests in student program development and academic advising.  She enjoys talking to students about their academic interests and encourages students to make UCSD their “home” where they and others can thrive!  

Hanna Foley, Academic Advisor

Hanna graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Applied Linguistics and has a background in education, peer mentoring, tutoring, and ESL teaching. In 2015, she moved back to her hometown of San Diego and soon after started her career in Student Affairs in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department at UCSD. As a former transfer student herself, she understands the unique struggles that come with transitioning from community college to the UC system, and is happy to help students with this transition wherever possible. She is passionate about supporting students in acheiving their academic goals, and getting all of their questions answered! Off the clock, she enjoys traveling, biking, yoga, drawing, and trying every Thai restaurant in San Diego.

Brenna McCarty, Intake Advisor

Brenna graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology and gained a background in student affairs in her work as a New Student Advisor before returning to her hometown of San Diego. She has pursued her interest in education and community engagement through work at several local nonprofits. She enjoys helping students navigate the ins and outs of the university and supporting them achieve their personal goals. She is passionate about health and wellness, and loves cooking, spending time outdoors, hiking, and camping.

Joanna Peralta, Front Desk Student Worker

Joanna is a third year student at UC San Diego in Revelle College.  She is currently pursuing a double major major in Biological Anthropology and Human Development, as well as a minor in Psychology.  She is a sorority sister actively involved in Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority Inc.  Originally from Orange County, Joanna loves to to cook, bake, and dance!  She enjoys the outdoors and hopes to travel soon!  

Peer Advising

Chemistry Peer Advisors are undergraduate students in majoring in one of the degree programs and who are available to answer questions from fellow students.  It is especially helpful for freshmen and new transfers, but all are welcome!  They can provide insights on questions such as:

  • Why did you pick Chemistry as a major?
  • What is it like to be a Chemistry student at UCSD?  
  • What resources have you found helpful?
  • How did you get involved in research or teaching?
  • What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Peer Advising takes place at YORK 4020BPeer Advisors are available during the regular academic year. 

Check back later this summer for FALL 2018 info!

Have quick questions?  Our peer advisors can also be reached at

To contact the Chemistry Academic Advising office, students must use the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).  You may also call (858) 534-4856 to schedule appointments or for general inquiries.  To reach us by email, please contact using your UCSD email address.