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  • The minimum GPA for the minor is 2.0.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Lower division courses must be satisfied with course work.  Advanced placement (AP), A-Level, and International Baccalaureate (IB) credits will not be accepted toward the minor requirements.
  • All upper-division course work must be completed at UCSD.
  • A maximum of two upper-division classes may overlap between the major and minor.
  • All upper-division courses used toward the minor must be offered in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Courses such as the BIBC 100, BIBC 102, BIBC 103 and BIMM 100 will not be counted toward the minor in chemistry
  • Before taking upper division courses, students who wish to minor in chemistry should have their coursework approved by submitting a minor proprosal via the "Major and Minor” tool at

Chemistry Minor Requirements (Effective Fall 2018 and After)

Requirements for the Chemistry minor

  • Complete any three lower division courses in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
  • Complete any four upper-division courses*, including at least one laboratory course, in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

*Excluding Special Studies (CHEM 196, 197, 199), Seminars, and CHEM 195.

Chemistry Minor Requirements (Effective Prior to Fall 2018)

Requirements for the Chemistry minor

  • Must complete three lower division lecture courses and one lower-division laboratory course (CHEM 6A-B-C and CHEM 7L or CHEM 40A-B-C and 43A).  We will accept a mix of these sequences but note that some of these courses may be prerequistes for other UD minor courses. 
  • Complete a minimum of five upper-division courses, including at least one laboratory course. 
  • A maximum of two upper-division classes may overlap between the major and minor.
  • All upper-division course work must be focused in one discipline of chemistry such as physical, inorganic, organic, environmental chemistry or biochemistry.
Some example minors would include:
    • CHEM 152-154-156-157 and 143B (Organic) 
    • CHEM 114A-B-C-D and 108 (Biochemistry)
    • CHEM 114A-B-C, 116, and 108 (Biochemistry)
    • CHEM 120A-B,125, 161 and 143D (Inorganic)
    • CHEM 130-131-132, 105A and 100A (Physical)
    • CHEM 114A-B-C, 118 and 143B (Pharmacological)
    • CHEM 171-172-173-174 and 143B (Environmental)