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Undergraduate Student Achievements

We are proud to acknowledge the many achievements of our students, and we wish them great success in fulfillment of their future endeavors.

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Names appear in alphabetical order

2019 13th Annual ACSSA Undergraduate Research Symposium

Thank you to everyone who attended our event and to those that presented their research!

Congratulations to the 2019 Poster Presentation Award Winners!

Poster Presentation Awardees

  • Riddhi Ananth (Sailor Lab) - Inorganic Division
  • David Callahan (Bussey Lab) - Chemical Education Division
  • Andrea Gonzalez (O'Connor Lab)  - Biochemistry Division
  • Aurora Guild (Gerwick Lab) - Biochemistry Division
  • Christine Lee (Schmidt Lab) - Organic Division
  • Debbie Zhuang (Paesani Lab) - Physical/Analytical Division

Charles L. Perrin Summer Fellowship

This merit-based fellowship recognizes students who show promise as future scientists through their participation in undergraduate chemistry research at UC San Diego.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the Charles Perrin Summer Fellowship!

  • Mingzhi Xu (Joseph Lab)
  • Shenghua Yang (Tor Lab)

Kamen Award

Recognizes outstanding research in chemistry by a graduating senior. Martin Kamen was also a founding member of the Department of Chemistry at UCSD in 1961. His influential research co-discovered carbon-14, an isotope he used and developed as a tracer atom, a powerful tool that is frequently used today in science research.  For his achievements, he was given the 1995 Enrico Fermi Award and he was a member of the prestigious, National Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the Kamen Award!

  • Yueyi Chen (Komives Lab)
  • Nicholas Tu (Rinehart Lab)

Mayer Award

The Mayer Award recognizes outstanding research in chemistry by a graduating senior. The award is in honor of Joseph E. Mayer, one of the first members of the Department of Chemistry at UCSD. He came to San Diego in 1960 at the urging of Clark Kerr, who was then the President of the University of California, and Roger Revelle. Mayer was a renowned physical chemist who influenced the development of our chemistry department and this campus.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients of the Mayer Award!

  • Haotian Chen (Xiong Lab)
  • Andrew Mitchell (Amaro Lab)
  • Richard Niederecker (Yang Lab)
  • Yifan Wu (Perrin Lab)

Urey Award

The Harold C. Urey Award is given to the most outstanding graduating chemistry major each year. Harold Urey came to La Jolla in 1958 as a founding father of the UCSD campus, and one of the first members of its chemistry department. He had won the Nobel Prize in 1934 for his discovery of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen. This award was established in 1973, in honor of Dr. Urey's 80th birthday.

Congraulations to the 2019 recipients of the Urey Award!

  • Melinda Chan (Siegel Lab)
  • Peter Glatt (Cohen Lab)

Physical Sciences Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence

The Undergraduate Awards for Excellence is an opportunity to recognize and award our undergraduates who have demonstrated academic excellence and promise as researchers.

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 recipients of the Dean's Award!

  • Rachel Blake (Komives Lab)
  • Gabriel Cabra (Galperin Lab)
  • Melinda Chan (Siegel Lab)
  • Xi Chen (Bertrand Lab)
  • Yueyi Chen (Komives Lab)
  • Shih-ting Huang (Komives Lab)
  • Ellen Lavorando (McHugh Lab)
  • Aaron Levy (Tor Lab)
  • Zhonghuan Luo (Paesani Lab)
  • Richard Niederecker (Yang Lab)
  • Nicholas Tu (Baldwin Lab)
  • Yifan Wu (Perrin Lab) 

Past Awards

Past Awards

Mayer Award

2017: Dylan Power

2016: Kelsey Ann Krug, David Stephen Robert, Hao Zheng

2014: Kuei-Lin Chang, Kevin Pham

2013: Saajan Bhakta, Jake Boissonnault

2012: Patrick Smith

2011: Nathan Hendricks

Urey Award

2018: Nicholas Checchia, Andrew Dang, Xiangyi Ke, Sijing Meng

2017: Ashley Hua Yee Chong

2016: Joshua Lee Cox, Connor Masao, Nam Thanh Trinh, Shane Christopher Williams

2014: Russell Lewis, Cydnee Ng, Dennis Tran, Krystine Vuong

2013: Pei-Ling Wu, Jung Hoon Park, Shiteng Duan, Alexander Ying Kit, Kevin Bao

2012: Kayla Nicole Busby, Stephan Sheung-Ming Leung

2011: Brittany Michel, Sihui Ma, Julia Stauber

Perrin Summer Fellowship Award

2018: Kaleb Barber, Yifan Wu

2016: Maher Alhaja, David Stephen Roberts

 Carolyn White, Megan Rooney

Teaching Excellence Awards

2011: Nellab Yakuby

Sigali Award

2011: Julia Stauber

ACS Poster/Oral Presentation Awards

2018 (Poster): Jacob Hawver Pachter, Gavin Heim, Qin Li, Laura Williamson

2015 (Oral): Ryan Davis, Christina Jayson, Eric Kircher, Phuc Nguyen, Michael Shenk

2015 (Poster): Jennifer Bowen, Christopher coyle, Samantha Freitag, Cassandra Gilmour, Kelsey Krug, Beatriz Lopez-Bermudez, Megan Murphy, Sean Najjar, Wiberth Narvaez, Jennifer Ngo