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Computing Support

The Office of Engineering Computing (OEC) provides IT support for the Jacobs School of Engineering and the School of Physical Sciences; this includes staff, faculty, and labs for the various departments within each school.

We also provide IT support for various campus entities, including labs, via our recharge system. This type of support can be Ad-Hoc or contract work via our Service Level Agreement.

For more comprehensive information, please visit:

Please send all technical requests to:

Research Computing and Data (RCD) Support

 Research IT Services provides support in these and many other areas:


  • National and local computational and data-intensive resources including ACCESS (high performance computing), Open Science Grid (OSG), the UC San Diego Research Cluster, SDSC’s Triton Shared Compute Cluster (TSCC), and several other options
  • Storage solutions, both free and at cost
  • Large scale secure and fast file transfer via Globus
  • Onboarding and optimization of commercial cloud services, including the application of UC and UCSD, negotiated discounts
  • Data management support both within Research IT and from the Library’s Research Data Curation Program (RDCP) and the Data Science Librarian
  • Carpentries workshops for R, Python, and other foundational coding and data science skills for researchers
  • Assistance with troubleshooting your lab-managed research computing hardware when problems arise
  • Specifying computing hardware/software solutions to fit your research needs

For research computing and data (RCD) support, please contact Stefan Kessler (the Chemistry & Biochemistry co-located Systems Integration Engineer) and his Research IT colleagues at They will provide consulting and integration support for your research IT needs.



Many common questions and answers can be found by searching blink:

All DSA requests, including resetting of business systems passwords or affiliate requests, should be directed to Rexanne Dayes. Her contact information can be found under our staff directory. 

Our available software can be found under Software Download to the left. 


How to register a computer or printer on the UCSD wired network.

To register a computer, printer, or any other device for use in the UCSD wired network,
please use this Web Form.

MAC address (a.k.a., Ethernet address, Physical address, Ethernet ID, e.g., 00:1b:af:1a:ef:10)

How to locate your MAC address:

Also, please make sure your computer meets UCSD Network Security: Minimum Standards. Details on the requirements can be found at:

A discussion of Personally Identifiable Information can be found on BLINK at:

How to get a network wall jack activated by ACT.

To activate network wall jack ports in an office or lab, please use the the following web form to request that ACT come activate them:

For "Name of Service Contact", enter your contact information.

In the "Select a Service" drop down, please select:

Ethernet Connections and Wiring

In the "Select your Service Analyst" drop down, just pick one.

In the "Detailed description of work requested" please put something along these lines:

Requesting Ethernet port activation for:

Urey Hall Room #: 2222
wall jack #: 2.2.097 B
wall jack #: 2.2.101 C
default vLAN is typically: vLAN 27