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Undergraduate Tutors/Readers

Summer 2024 Tutor / Reader Application 

Summer Session I 2024




Summer Session II 2024



Application Deadline: Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Minimum Tutor/Reader Eligibility Requirements 

  1. A grade of A- or higher in the same or equivalent course/course sequence of the Tutor/Reader assignment. If the course was taken at an institution other than UCSD, upload the transcript(s) showing the relevant chemistry courses completed via the online TA Application.
  2. A 3.0 overall GPA at UCSD, not counting transfer work. Campus policy is very strict that only students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are allowed to teach.
  3. A minimum of 90 units completed or transferred into UCSD.

CHEM 195 Enrollment

First time Tutors are considered Undergraduate Instructional Apprentices (UGIAs). UGIAs must enroll in CHEM 195, a weekly Teaching Apprentice Training Seminar (see Schedule of Classes). Readers are not required to enroll in CHEM 195.

Tutor/UGIA and Reader Responsilbilities

Tutors/UGIAs: A Tutor or UGIA serves as an assistant in an undergraduate course under the supervision of a faculty member. The faculty instructor is responsible for the course content and for maintaining the overall quality of instruction, including supervision of the Tutor/UGIA. The purpose of the apprenticeship is to learn the methodology of teaching through actual practice in a regularly scheduled course.

Expectations for Satisfactory Performance. At the first instructor-Tutor meeting for the course (attendance mandatory), instructors will outline the actual Tutor duties for their course. More information about responsibilities are covered in CHEM 195. However, the duties typically required of all Tutors/UGIAs are:

  • Attend all instructor-Tutor meetings.
  • Attend all lectures of the course for which they are Tutoring.
  • Lead one discussion section.
  • Assist with grading and proctoring.
  • Hold office hours or cover Help Room (Chem 6ABC).
  • Other duties as needed for a particular course, such as quizzes, preparation for sections, and lab demonstrations.

Reader: A Reader assists a course instructor by proctoring exams and by grading homework, reports, papers, and/or exams.

Performance Evaluations and Standards. Tutors/UGIAs are evaluated by the instructor of the course and by the students they teach. Tutors/UGIAs can access their evaluations at More information on performance standards is provided at the Teaching Apprentice Training Seminar affiliated with Chemistry 195.

Time Sheet Instructions

For instructions on reporting time, follow the instructions below:

  1. Register for a UCSD SSO Business Account.
  2. Log into EcoTime and enter the hours worked for the current pay period. Detailed instructions for entering hours are available here. Blink also has more information (Ecotime Instructions).
  3. Take a screenshot of your completed current timesheet, and email to your Instructor for approval. Once you obtain approval, forward the email thread to Roniel Lomahan in the Student Affairs Office; be sure to take these steps by the EcoTime deadline listed for each bi-weekly pay period here
  4. To enter retroactive hours for past pay periods, follow the Retroactive Timesheet entry process.
  5. If you have trouble with EcoTime, review the Ecotime Support Guide or UserGuide to troubleshoot common errors. If you are still unable to resolve the issue, you may submit a Service and Support Case (Payroll, Academic Personnel & HR -->Get Help & Order Services--> Submit a Ticket to Ecotime) or contact Divina or Roniel with questions.

Tutor/Reader Workload

A typical Tutor/UGIA assignment is a 25% appointment, or a total workload of 110 hours over 12 weeks. Most of these hours are accrued in the 10-week quarter and finals week (see Schedule of Classes). Depending on the needs of a specific course, instructors will inform Tutors/UGIAs of the need to work hours in the pre-quarter week.

  • Undergraduate Tutors are usually assigned to General Chemistry lecture courses (Chem 6A-B-C, Chem 11-12-13) or to Organic Chemistry lecture courses (Chemistry 40A-B-C). They are not assigned to lab courses.
  • Undergraduates tutor for credit (Chemistry 195) their first quarter and are paid thereafter.

Reader assignments vary, but the maximum assignment is a 25% appoinment.

Employment Information

Employment Information:

  1. The Chem/Biochem Student Affairs Office will contact you by email if you must complete employment paperwork.
  2. Undergraduate students appointed on Tutor title code 2860 and Reader title code 2850 are covered by a collective bargaining agreement between UCSD and the ASE/UAW.
  3. The pay rate for Tutors is $19.40/hr and the pay rate for Readers is $19.40/hr (effective 10/1/23).
  4. Tutors and Readers are paid bi-weekly for the number of hours submitted via timesheet each pay period.  
  5. Names and addresses of all ASEs are released to the UAW each quarter.
  6. ASE/UAW membership dues or the agency fee (for those who choose not to become ASE/UAW members) will be deducted from each paycheck. The amount of dues is a one-time $10 initiation fee for new members, 1.44% of gross TA earnings, and the agency fee is 1.20%.