Student-Led Seminar Series

Recent Events

Dr. Neil Garg Invited to Speak at UC San Diego Chemistry & Biochemistry

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017. The UCSD Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate students hosted Dr. Neil Garg from UCLA as a part of the student-invited seminar series. Neil got to meet with several students, a group of TA’s at a teaching roundtable, SWIGS, and various chemistry faculty. He gave an exciting lecture about his research on breaking amides as well as enlightened us about his innovative approaches to teaching undergraduate organic chemistry lecture and lab. He also shared valuable insights on his career path and the roles of research, teaching/mentorship, and outreach in academia. Dr. Garg notes, “I had a great time meeting with the students and faculty at UCSD! It was especially refreshing to see the high level of excitement surrounding teaching and outreach amongst the students and faculty.” The student committee is very grateful for his visit and we hope that his excitement and energy will leave a lasting impression upon the department.



Garg Visit

Neil presents on his work probing new reactivities, breaking amides as well as his teaching outreach endeavors.


Garg Visit

    The Student-Invited Speaker Committee with Neil and his chemistry coloring book. Left to right, Chris Lee, Clare LeGuyader, Jessie Peters, Sarah Barnhill, Neil Garg, Quint Frauman (not pictured Lewis Churchfield).


Garg Visit

   Dr. Garg meeting with TA’s at our teaching roundtable led by Cory Weinstein (Bertrand lab) & Riley Peacock (Komives lab).

Past Events

Student-Invited Speaker Committee Invites Dr. Geri Richmond as Inaugural Speaker

On February 28th and March 1, 2017, Dr. Geri Richmond was invited by the Student-Invited Speaker Committee as the inaugural speaker of the newly established Student-Led Seminar Series. The selection of Dr. Geri Richmond was based on graduate student interest in career development and careers in science. Dr. Richmond led a very successful workshop entitled "The Art of Persuasive Communication and Negotiation that was very valuable and informative for both Chemistry/Biochemistry graduate students as well as Computer Science graduate students. She also led an open forum on "Reflections on Today’s Scientific Career Options: What I Wish I Would have Known as a Graduate Student."

2016-17 Student-Invited Speaker Committee


Sarah Barnhill (Gianneschi Lab)


Lewis Churchfield (Tezcan Lab)

Jessie Peters

Jessica Peters (Toor Lab)


Clare Le Guyader
Clare Le Guyader (Gianneschi Lab)

Chris T. Lee

Chris Lee (Amaro/McCammon Lab)

Quint Frauman

Quint Frauman (Hermann Lab))