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Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN)


2017-18 GAANN Fellows in Chemistry and Biochemistry: Dr. Stacey Brydges (Co-PI), Kyle Berg, Austin Yu, Sean Purcell, Daniel Flores, Kathryn Mayer, Liora Mael, Alex Mantanona, Dr. Robert Continetti (PI), Dr. Judy Kim (Co-PI). Back row: Katherine Nadler, Yanice Benitiez, Quint Frauman, Erik Romero, Jessie Moreton, Gwen Lee, and Matt Naticchia. Not pictured – GAANN Fellows Katia Charov and Joo Hee Lee. View past fellows


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego established the GAANN (Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need) Fellowship program in 2012, as a result of generous support from the US Department of Education and our Office of Graduate Studies. These prestigious awards are part of an exciting new educational initiative that provides enhanced training in research and teaching for doctoral students.

The primary objectives of our GAANN Program in the Chemical Sciences are to:

  • Recruit and retain talented graduate students, particularly those from underrepresented groups
  • Provide a graduate education and apprenticeship model that allows for rigorous and integrated research and teaching experiences
  • Prepare students to assume post-graduate leadership roles in chemical research and education – a designated area of national need.

Ten GAANN fellowships per year will be awarded to entering and continuing UCSD Chemistry and Biochemisty PhD students with excellent academic records and promise for a successful career in research and education who fulfill both the U.S. citizenship/residency and the financial needs requirement, as documented below.

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Special Program Features

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: In the year(s) appointed, a GAANN Fellow will receive an annual stipend and tuition/fee coverage. The GAANN stipend eligibility amount is based on the student’s financial need (as determined from the FAFSA submission, per the DoEd GAANN program requirements). In addition, all GAANN Fellows will receive a bonus fund of $1,000 for travel and research support.

TRAINING and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  The GAANN Program provides a holistic training model that builds on the five major elements of the Department’s graduate program: coursework, teaching, research, seminars, and key assessments. To maximize their performance and growth as scholars, GAANN Fellows and Affiliates (see Application tab) will be given special opportunities to engage in advanced research, teaching, and career workshops. Additional information to be provided. 

COMMUNITY BUILDING AND MENTORSHIP: The aforementioned activities will help to cultivate an extensive network of faculty, staff, and peers for GAANN Fellows and Affiliates as they navigate the path from graduate school to practicing professional. Program participation will be encouraged and recognized beyond the year(s) of GAANN funding

Professional Development

The GAANN Program holds events including a Professional Seminar Series and GAANN Fellow Speaker Series. For information on past and upcoming events, see the Events tab

Application Information

See application requirements for the GAANN Program here

Program Oversight

The GAANN Executive Committee is comprised of the following individuals: Dr. Robert Continetti (Program PI), Dr. Stacey Brydges (Program co-PI), Dr. Judy Kim (Program co-PI), Dr. Partho Ghosh, Dr. Thomas Hermann , and Ms. Erica Lennard (Director of Student Affairs Office).

For additional information on the GAANN Fellowship Program, please contact Asmaa KhatibJeanine Kolinko or Erica Lennard.