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Enrollment & Registration

Academic Advising and Enrolling in Classes (at UCSD)

JDP students are advised about what courses to take at UCSD by the First-Year Advisor from their division. The SDSU advisor remains the student's Thesis Advisor and Doctoral Committee Chair. Students enroll at UCSD the first Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter of their JDP studies; they do not enroll in summer session. First-year students consult with their UCSD First Year Advisor (FYA) about what courses are recommended and required. TritonLink is used to enroll in classes. The quarterly UCSD Schedule of Classes lists all courses offered within a quarter. The UCSD General Catalog ( has descriptions of the courses.

For second year or later JDP students, you will need to tell UCSD Chemistry and Biochemistry’s Student Affairs Office of your desire to enroll in an upcoming quarter. We will then give the Registrar your name and you will be cleared to enroll.

Check out this tutorial to learn the basics of enrolling in classes:

Paying Fees

Central Cashier's Office
Student Financial Solutions

Enrollment & Registration: Use WebReg to enroll in 12 units. You must first have enrolled before the system knows how much to bill for fees. Fees must then be paid by the deadline, which are usually automatically covered by the department for eligible students. All new JDP students are required to pay the one-time $100 document fee in the Fall quarter of their first year. Please contact if your bill is not cleared out and you are eligible. See TritonLink's calendar for Enrollment and Registration deadlines


If you miss the enrollment deadline, you will be assessed a $50 late penalty. If you miss the enrollment deadline, you usually also then miss the Registration deadline, and another $50 penalty is assessed.

What to Take: All Students

Typical First Year in Joint Doctoral Program:

JDP students must spend at least three quarters in academic residency and complete 36 units at UCSD. This is usually accomplished the first full academic year following admission to the Joint Doctoral Program. Students must enroll in a minimum of 12 units each quarter.

To meet the unit requirements, first-year students must follow these guidelines:

  • Twenty four (24) units minimum of graduate level coursework; upper-division (100 level) courses may be eligible towards this 24 minimum pending review of advisor recommendation concerning relevancy to research goals. Upper-division courses (100 series) are often appropriate or necessary to remedy deficiencies noted on placement examinations. No lower-division courses (numbers 1-99) may count toward unit requirements
  • GRADING - Graduate level courses at UCSD have two grading options: letter (e.g., A, B, C, D, and F) and S/U (satisfactory and unsatisfactory). First year students must take all courses for a letter grade unless the course is offered S/U only. Students who have not advanced to candidacy for the doctorate must take all courses within the Department for a letter grade, with the exceptions of Chemistry 500 and courses that are offered S/U only.
  • Maximum of four units of Chemistry 297 in any one quarter may be approved, with a total maximum of 8 units eligible towards the 36 unit requirement. JDP students requesting to enroll in Chem 297 research must meet the following requirements:
    • JDP student must submit to Ph.D. Coordinator ( minimum of 3 working days prior to enrollment deadline for relevant quarter, the “JDP Collaborative Research” application form signed by all of the following: SDSU Research Advisor, UCSD Collaborating Research Advisor, UCSD Vice Chair for Graduate Education, SDSU JDP Graduate Advisor.
    • Chemistry 299 (Thesis Research) does not count toward either the 12 units/quarter or the 36 total units requirement. Students interested in research unit credit should refer to Chem 297 information above.
    • Chem 250, Chem 500 and Chem 509 are not eligible courses for the 12 units/quarter or the 36 total units requirement.
    • Students are encouraged to enroll in the seminar courses (e.g., Chemistry 227, 293, 294, 295, or 296). Seminars can count towards the 12-unit/quarter minimum and towards the 36 unit requirement (JDP students only).
    • While in the first year of UCSD residency, the First Year Advisor must approve any changes to a course program, including adds, drops, unit changes, and grading option change.
    • Courses from other departments may be taken (e.g., Biology, Physics, Mathematics, School of Medicine, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography). This may be particularly valuable in making contacts with faculty outside the Department for the Doctoral Committee.
    • Courses taken through UCSD Extension –Students may petition to transfer UCSD Extension coursework (taken prior to UCSD graduate program matriculation) to the student’s JDP coursework record though units will not count toward the 36 unit requirement.

Future Years: You are welcome to take as many additional courses as you wish at UCSD. Units at SDSU are chosen in consultation with your Thesis Advisor. You must enroll in Chem 899 (Dissertation) at SDSU the semester the dissertation is filed.