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Student Groups & Representatives

Learn more about the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Graduate Student Organizations and their represetatives. Professional organizations are a great way to get involved and connected with fellow researchers, peers and the community.

Chemistry Graduate Student Council (CGSC)

CGSC communicates and advocates for the rights, concerns, and objectives of the graduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UC San Diego.

  • 2nd year: Jubilee Cabellon and Darius Yohannan
  • 3rd year: Harsh Bhakta, Javier Sanlley-Hernandez (Communications Director), Hilliary Frank, and Debolina Sarkar
  • 4th year reps: Alysia Kohlbrand (Chair) and Sally Burke (Vice-Chair)
  • 5th year rep: Hoang Nguyen
  • 6th + year rep: Elizabeth Porto
  • MS rep: Ikran Ibrahim

Visit the CGSC website

Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA)

The GPSA is the official student government representing graduate and professional students. Functions of the GPSA include allocation of the graduate student activity fee, the appointment of graduate students to campus‐wide committees, and the sponsorship of academic and social events.

  • 4 department reps: Ximena Garcia-Arceo, Danea Palmer, Erin Jessup, and Julianna Follmar


UCSD Chemistry & Biochemistry Society for Women in Graduate Studies (SWIGS)

The primary goals of our group are to generate constructive discussion on various issues that affect women in the field, positively impact graduate student well-being by creating a supportive network, and build upon skills necessary for our professional development.
  • Rebecca Re, Co-President
  • Brianna (Sierra) Kalaj, Co-President
  • Kelly Hunter, Vice President
  • Deborah Kim, Outreach Coordinator
  • Stephanie Mora-Garcia, Outreach Coordinator
  • Ashley Wong, Professional Development/Networking Coordinator
  • Kyle Angle, Student Research Seminar Liaison

Visit the website at
Facebook: SWIGS at UCSD
Twitter: @ucsdswigs

Chem International Friendship Group (CIFG)

A safe space that welcomes Chem grad students from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds, to share your experience, exchange thoughts, and feel supported. 

  • Lincoln Mehndiratta
  • Lucia Cancelada
  • Lisa Liang
Join us in this wonderful community through the slack channel:

Grad oSTEM

GoSTEM@UCSD is an LGBTQ-affirming organization that aims to provide services and support for graduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at UCSD and to create a dynamic network between students and professionals in industry and academia.

Visit the Grad oSTEM website at 
Join the Community 

Student to Industry Mentorship and Preparation Association (SIMPA)

SIMPA supports chemistry graduate students seeking industry careers by providing a consistent avenue for exposure to the private sector. SIMPA is run for graduate students, by graduate students.

visit our website