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New Transfer Students

Dear Prospective Transfer Student,

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry welcomes transfer students who add a different perspective to the student population and play an important role in the Chemistry and Biochemistry community.

Undergraduate Advisors in the department are experienced in working with transfer students from Community Colleges and four-year institutions. Undergraduate Advisors can answer questions about transfer course preparation and help with the transition to UC San Diego. With proper planning and completion of lower division coursework prior to transfer, transfer students can complete major requirements in a timely manner. Please use this page for additional transfer information.

Note that the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry does not make admission decisions to the university. For questions regarding admission to UC San Diego, please see Transfer Admission to UC San Diego.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you find your community here at UC San Diego!


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Two Year Academic Plans

Note: The plans below show examples of courseload for students with completion of the Transfer Major Preparatory coursework and also show courseload for students with completion of all lower division (including Math and Physics) requirements.

Chemistry (CH25)
Biochemistry (CH38)
Environmental Chemistry (CH34)
Pharmacological Chemistry (CH35)
Molecular Synthesis (CH36)

In order to ensure a manageable 2-year courseload, it is recommended that most or all lower-division major requirements be completed prior to transferring to UCSD as a major in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Transfer Student Resources

Important Dates

Table of Important Dates for New Triton Transfers
Timeline Task 
July 1 Submit your official academic transcripts and test scores (e.g. AP or IB test scores) by this date so that your coursework is posted in time for enrollment. You may not be able to enroll in certain courses or get accurate course recommendations if you have not submitted your transcripts and test scores by this date.
August 1 Go to TritonLink to obtain your Fall quarter enrollment time.
August 10 Colleges will release course recommendations within the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), under Course Recommendations.  These will be suggestions for General Education or University course requirements. Not all colleges provide course recommendations, so if you have questions about general education or university requirements, please reach out to your college via the Ask a Question tab in the VAC.
August 10-12 You will receive major course recommendations from the Department of Chemistry via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), under Contact Record.  If you submitted transcripts on-time, all of your transfer coursework should be posted by this date. Review your academic history for discrepancies.
August 17 Transfer student enrollment begins. You will want to enroll in courses once your appointment time begins.
September 28 Fall quarter instruction begins at UC San Diego.