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Undergraduate Alumni Spotlight




Andrew Bergdorf 


Class of 2016 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Bioanalytical Scientist at MicroConstants


Cole Carter


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: PhD student at Northwestern University, working in Organometallics with Tobin Marks


Josh Cox


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: Chemistry Ph.D. Student at Harvard University in the Keutsch Lab


Jessie Davis


Class of 2017 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Ph.D. student at Harvard University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology



Eddie Dellamary


Class of 2016 - Chemistry

Current: Masters in Materials Science in Luleå University of Technology (Northern Sweden)


Adrienne Desens


Class of 2015 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate 2020 at Keck Graduate Institute and part-time medical writer


Darlene Nguyen


Class of 2017 - Chemistry

Current: M.S at UCSD in Protein crystallography



Robin Richardson


Class of 2016 - Environmental Chemistry

Current: Research Scientist at Epic Sciences in Immunohistochemistry


Stephanie Smith


Class of 2017 - Chemistry and NanoEngineering

Current: M.S. at UCSD in NanoEngineering 


Lindsey Wells


Class of 2017 - Biochemistry/Chemistry

Current: Assistant Scientist TriLink Biotechnologies, Inc.


Carolyn White


Class of 2016 - Chemical Physics

Current: PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania in Physical Chemistry