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Gas Creation


Large Test Tube (25 x 200)

Distilled Water

Calcium Carbonate

Hydrochloric Acid 1M

#5 Rubber Stopper


Gloves and Goggles



Add approximately 15 ml of 1M Hydrochloric acid to a large test tube. Holding the tube at an angle put about 1-2 grams calcium carbonate on the side of the tube. Stopper the tube tightly with the rubber stopper; then tilt the test tube up so that the powder falls down into the acid. Quickly tilt the tube at an angle towards where you want the stopper to fly to. You should get a good popping sound and the stopper should fly about 10 feet. If it is put on to tightly, you may have to help loosen the stopper with your thumb.


(The tighter the stopper is on the farther it will fly and the louder the sound you will get.)


Waste Management

The leftover solution should be neutralized with sodium bicarbonate and then poured down the sink.