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No Crashing. 
Lab classes are open only to enrolled students. No one else is permitted to “sit in.”
Students who do not attend the first meeting lose their places.
Visitors should have permission from Stockroom and must wear safety equipment.
Send “extras” to Stockroom & give your attention to registered students.
“Extra” students can recheck registration through WebReg; they may be attending the wrong section.
Don’t expect housekeeping.
Chalk will be supplied & trash will be emptied. Let your Lab Assistant know if these are delayed.
Assign students to erase your chalkboard before you leave; make sure all faucets & lights are off.
Insist students clean spills & drips immediately; wipe bench tops at end of each section.
Rotate assignments for cleaning common areas, such as fume hoods & balance rooms.

Broom, brush & dust pan are supplied. Put broken glass & other sharps into broken glass boxes.
Return used batteries to the Stockroom for recycling

Know which TAs share your lab. Leave your lab clean & expect other TAs to do the same. If there is a problem, contact other TAs, then ask Instructor to mediate any problems.

Floors are stripped & waxed annually, whether they need it or not.

Check-In. After you do a first-day lab orientation, assign a locker to each student. Student will inventory the equipment and assume financial responsibility for the contents of the locker.
Check-out.   Student cleans & inventories the locker contents and TA signs that all is complete.
Dry Labs are conducted in some classes to provide time for students to weigh dried products and take melting points – consult your Instructor & course syllabus.
Safety eye protection, lab coats and solid shoes are required for everyone in the lab:  TAs, Instructors, students, and staff.
No wet chemistry or glassware washing is permitted.
Stockrooms will NOT be open, so no glassware replacement or reagent refills will be available during these hours.