Upcoming Graduate Events

Upcoming Events

Men's Relationship Forum (CAPS)

Join us for conversations about our experiences as gay men, and connect with other gay men on campus. 

This group addresses relationships, sexual health, community building, and more.

Dates: Weeks 2-10 (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters)
Time: Mondays, 2:30pm-4:00pm
Location: Women's Center Small Group Room

For more information, please contact: Greg Koch, Psy.D.:  (858) 534-3585 (gkoch@ucsd.edu)  

UCLA Center for Advancing Longitudinal Drug Abuse Research – extended Abstract Submission Deadline – March 15

The UCLA Center for Advancing Longitudinal Drug Abuse Research (CALDAR) is pleased to announce the combining of this year's Summer Institute on Longitudinal Research with the International Conference on Global Health. 
When: August 15-17, 2017
Where: Hilton Universal City
Abstracts for posters, oral presentations, and symposia due March 15th. 
Accepted abstracts to be published in pre-conference special issue of the Journal of NeuroImmune Pharmacology.

Graduate Students of Color Forum 

This drop-in forum will cover topics from a multicultural lens including managing stress, communication with your advisor(s), family responsibilities, dealing with imposter syndrome, current sociopolitical climate, experiences of discrimination, etc.

Dates: Mondays beginning 3rd week (1/23) Time: 11 am – 12 pm Location: Student Services Center 300 

This Forum is co-led by Niyatee Sukumaran, Ph.D. from UCSD CAPS & Elisa Maldonado, Ph.D., Graduate Student Affairs Officer for Diversity Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention.

For Questions: Contact Dr. Niyatee Sukumaran at (858) 534-3456.
Please Note: This educational workshop is NOT counseling or psychotherapy. If you would like counseling or psychotherapy please call our central office at (858) 534-3755.

Keystone Symposia: Lipidomics and Bioactive Lipids in Metabolism and Disease – February 26 to March 2, 2017

KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA: Lipidomics and Bioactive Lipids in Metabolism and Disease (B6)
Date: February 26 - March 2, 2017
Location: Granlibakken Tahoe, Tahoe City, CA

Organizers: Alfred H. Merrill, Walter Allen Shaw, Sarah Spiegel, and Michael J.O. Wakelam

Session Titles

  • • Lipidomics in Inflammation
  • • Lipidomics and Infection
  • • Cancer Lipidomics
  • • Cardiovascular Lipidomics
  • • Lipid Localization and Implications for Cell Regulation
  • • Lipidomics
  • • Neurological Lipidomics
  • • Metabolism

 There will also be discussion of the LIPID MAPS web site and tools under its new sponsorship by the Wellcome Trust. 

Register Now

Graduate Writing Retreats

The Writing + Critical Expression Hub will be hosting three graduate writing retreats this quarter. These retreats offer graduate students dedicated space and time to work on large writing projects, as well as the opportunity to connect with peers from other departments, mini-lessons on creating sustainable writing habits, and snacks to fuel their writing.

Dates, times, and RSVP forms for this quarter’s retreats can be found on the Graduate Student section of our events page: http://commons.ucsd.edu/students/writing/events/index.html

English for Academic and Professional Development (EADP) Program at UCSD Extension

The EAPD (English for Academic and Professional Development) program is for non-native speakers who would like to refine their English language skills. As we both know, UC San Diego and UC San Diego Extension have a diverse population of international students who, at times, may feel the need to improve certain aspects of their English language skills. These classes are for those who would like to gain confidence and success in their personal, professional, and academic English. We offer evening classes in the following subject areas:

  • Academic and Business Writing
  • Conversation and Oral Presentation
  • Grammar and Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and Fluency

Courses that tend to be most useful for international students are:

Contact Chad Baldwin (EAPD Program Manager/Academic Advisor) for more information:

Phone: 858-534-7418
Email: http://extension.ucsd.edu/eapd

Project Kaleidoscope – Broadening Participation & Persistence in College STEM: Equity Diversity & Inclusion – March 25, 2017

2017 Southern California PKAL Regional Network Annual Meeting. Broadening Participation and Persistence in College STEM: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Date: March 25th, 2017

Place: University of California, San Diego

Registration Deadline: March 1, 2017

The University of California San Diego, in partnership with MiraCosta College and University of California Irvine, is proud to host the 2017 Southern California PKAL Regional Network Annual meeting.

 This meeting has been designed as a one-day summit to engage two- and four-year faculty, staff, administrators, post-docs, and students in recognizing, advancing, and supporting inclusive and equitable practices in STEM education in the classroom, in organizational culture, and between institutions. A plenary session, on equity, inclusion, and transfer given by Dr. Dustin Thoman (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, San Diego State University) will launch the meeting.  Dynamic and active workshops will engage participants in creating concrete plans for inclusive instructional practices in the classroom, building institutional capacity for equity and inclusion, and reducing transfer risks. Interactive poster presentations will help build connections and foster collaborations among colleagues from different institutions and institutional types in the Southern California area.

 Overall, this program aims to empower meeting participants to develop more inclusive learning environments at local institutions in Southern California. The meeting will help build capacities in our community to improve our teaching practices not only through existing literature but also by sharing ideas and building connections across two- and four-year institutions, with a focus of broadening participation and persistence in STEM.

To learn more about this event, visit: http://www.aacu.org/pkal/regional/socal/2017/conference.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the conference organizers: Dr. Stanley Lo  (smlo@ucsd.edu), Dr. Lisa McDonnell (lmcdonnell@ucsd.edu), Dr. Melinda Riccitelli (mriccitelli@miracosta.edu), or Dr. Brian Sato (bsato@uci.edu).

Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation, and Related Diseases Conference – October 22-25, 2017

grAdvantage Program, Career Services Center Graduate Careers Blog, Versatile PhD 

The Career Services Center and the Graduate Division offer many resources for students at UCSD: 

grAdvantage program (with information on the Communication workshops, Career Nights, Certificate in Leadership and Teamwork, Questioning Career Transition Group, and other campus resources and events): http://gradvantage.ucsd.edu/

Career Services Center Graduate Careers Blog (with job ads, information on events, and career advice specifically for grad students): http://career.ucsd.edu/phd-and-masters-students/grad-blog.html

Versatile PhD - great resource for PhD students considering careers outside academia. The Career Services Center has institutional membership to the site so students are provided full access to the content, including bios and sample job materials of PhDs who have mad alt-/post-academic transitions, as well as archived online career panels.

Questioning Career Transition Group (QCTG) for PhDs

This unique, five-session series of classes helps doctoral students through the often difficult decision-making process of whether to pursue an academic faculty career or an alternative. Past participants range from 1st - 8th+ year PhD students with some questioning the completion of their doctoral degree and others their career trajectory upon earning a PhD.

Upon completion of the group, participants feel more confident in:

  • Their ability to pursue career choices that correspond with their life priorities, interests and personal values.
  • Identifying their transferable skills and accomplishments acquired as a Ph.D. student.
  • Taking contraol of their career decision making process.
  • Recognizing how their personality type and interests are compatible with potential careers.
  • Achieving their career goals!

"100% of past participants would recommend this course to a fellow PhD student!"

More information can be found here.

McKinsey & Company – Web-Based Info Sessions for Grad Students Interested in the Consulting Field

Web Events: This November McKinsey & Company is hosting several web-based presentations to help graduate students learn more about McKinsey & Company and our global full-time and summer opportunities. Please visit the Online Events section of our website for details on these presentations and to RSVP.

Check out additional content in our Advanced Degree Recruiting Dropbox anytime to read up on our many opportunities for APDs, including current global full time hiring needs, summer internships, our 3-day summer Insight programs, and the MD Fellowship. You can quickly download the app for your phone or access on your computer: APD Opportunities Dropbox

We are dedicated to building a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people. We aspire to be recognized as the best professional services firm in the world for all candidates, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or background. To learn more about McKinsey Women, please view our women's brochure. To learn more about our other diversity networks, including Black Consultants at McKinsey, Hispanic and Latino Consultants at McKinsey, and LGBT colleagues at McKinsey, please visit the Diversity & Inclusion section of our website. Additionally, we invite you to join us for a few of our upcoming diversity specific web based presentations scheduled in November.

Fellowship / Grant Opportunity Events

UC Compliance and Conflict of Interest Training for Researchers

On January 27, 2017, the University of California will launch an online Compliance and Conflict of Interest Briefing for all researchers who were paid with any extramural grant or contract funds (regardless of the source) in one or more months of FY 15 - 16.  The Compliance Briefing satisfies two mandatory training requirements, the UC training requirement that all researchers be trained periodically to recognize and deal with ethical issues and conflict of interest situations that may arise during their work, as well as the Conflict of Interest training requirement by the National Institutes of Health. 

The Compliance Briefing takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, can be taken on any computer with internet access and does not need to be completed in one sitting.  As a UC San Diego researcher, you will receive an email from the UC Learning Center with a link that will direct you to the Compliance Briefing. 

The University of California requires that you complete the Compliance Briefing within 90 days of the date on which you receive your email notification of the assignment. This requirement is not interchangeable with any other conflict of interest or ethics training you may have already taken.

Additional information regarding the Compliance and Conflict of Interest Briefing can be found at https://blink.ucsd.edu/research/policies-compliance-ethics/coir-faq.html.

Thank you for your cooperation in meeting this requirement.  If you have any questions about the Compliance Briefing, please contact the Conflict of Interest Office at info-coi@ucsd.edu.

GSA Travel Grants

Presenting at a conference and need funding? Check out the Graduate Student Association's (GSA) Travel Grants! Find more information here: http://gsa.ucsd.edu/travel-grants

Spring Data Science Fellowship Opportunity

Program: The Data Incubator is an intensive 8 week fellowship that prepares masters students, PhDs, and postdocs in STEM and social science fields seeking industry careers as data scientists. The program is free for Fellows and supported by sponsorships from hundreds of employers across multiple industries. In response to the overwhelming interest in our earlier sessions, we will be holding another fellowship.

Who Should Apply: Anyone who has already obtained a masters or PhD degree or who is within one year of graduating with a masters or PhD is welcome to apply. Applications from international students are welcome. Everyone else is encouraged to sign-up for a future session.

Locations: In addition to the below in-person locations, we will have a remote online session:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Seattle
  • Boston
  • Washington, DC.

Dates: All sections will be from 2017-03-27 to 2017-05-19.

Application Link: https://www.thedataincubator.com/fellowship.html#apply?ref=wamVzdW5AdWNzZC5lZHU=

Data Science in 30 minutes: Learn how to build a data-science project in our upcoming free Data Science in 30-minutes webcast. Signup soon as space is limited.

Learn More: You can learn about our fellows at The New York Times, LinkedIn, Amazon, Capital One, or Palantir. To read about our latest fellow alumni, check out our blog. To learn more about The Data Incubator, check us out on Venture Beat, The Next Web, or Harvard Business Review.

Insight Fellowships Summer 2017

The Insight Data Fellows Programs are tuition-free professional Fellowships for students and postdocs looking to transition to careers in data science, health data science, data engineering, or artificial intelligence. Over the last 5 years, we have helped over 750 graduate students and postdocs who are all now data scientists and engineers at over 200 leading data companies across the United States.

A number of alumni from UCSD have gone through the program including Sam Wilson (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), Gwendolyn Gillingham (Linguistics), and Ben Regner (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), who are now data scientists at GoPro, Nielsen, and Insight Data Science respectively.We would love to have more Fellows of their caliber from UCSD.

Applications are now open for our Summer Fellowships Programs (for students graduating this Summer).

USD Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunity

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of San Diego seeks applicants for Diversity Postdoctoral Fellowships to support scholars with a proven record and commitment to empowering students from communities that are underrepresented in academia through research, teaching, service and mentoring. We are especially interested in advancing the perspectives of African Americans, American Indian/Alaskan Natives, Filipinas/os/x, Chicanas/os/x, Latinas/os/x and/or Pacific Islanders. The Diversity Postdoctoral scholar position is for two years, beginning in fall 2017, with the possibility of a one-year renewal.  Postdoctoral scholars typically teach 1-2 courses per year, and work closely with faculty mentors inside and outside of their disciplines.

See more details here.

Friends of the International Center Scholarships – Due: March 15

The Friends of the International Center (Friends) will again be awarding scholarships to UCSD graduate students and medical students for 2017-18. Founded in 1961, the Friends support international education at UCSD in numerous ways, one of which is raising money for and awarding student scholarships. From its modest inception in 1975, the Friends Scholarship Program has grown to such an extent that last year alone $100,000 was awarded in scholarships; 25 scholarships @ $2,000 went to UCSD graduate students, 4 @ $2,000 to medical students, and 28 @ $1,500 to UCSD undergraduate students for study abroad.

Friends scholarships will be given to graduate students planning to conduct research or study abroad and to foreign graduate students in residence at UCSD during 2017-18. The selection of students for the scholarships will be made by the Friends Scholarship Committee. Each graduate academic program may nominate a maximum of three (3) outstanding graduate students for the Friends awards. Up to 25 scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded. Additionally, the School of Medicine may nominate six (6) medical students. Up to 4 scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded.

Eligibility is restricted to students who:

1. Have a distinguished academic record

2. Will promote international friendship, understanding, and cooperation and contribute in a meaningful way to programs at the International Center

3. Have completed one year of full-time graduate study for the Ph.D., D.M.A., M.F.A., M.P.I.A., or M.D. at UCSD

4. Will be registered for a full-time program of study and research in 2017-18 or, in the case of foreign student nominees, will be on campus at UCSD in 2017-18.

To make nominations, each program should submit the following information for each student:

1. Letter from the department chair or graduate advisor containing:

a. An evaluation of the nominee's graduate performance to date and potential for future contributions to research or artistic activity in the student's discipline.

b. Other support the student is receiving and the student's financial need, if any.

c. Contribution the student has made, if any, to promoting international friendship, understanding, and cooperation at UCSD.

d. Program ranking, if more than one student is nominated.

2. Statement from the nominee that describes his or her qualifications for the award, graduate study and career plans, financial need, and past and proposed future contributions to promoting international friendship and understanding at UCSD. (A willingness to volunteer and/or participate in Friends programs is encouraged though not a requirement.) The student statement should be no more than two (2) pages.

3. Student's vitae with current email and mailing address.

4. Student's current transcript. (Unofficial is acceptable.)

Please submit nominations to Michelle Monroy at gradadvisor@ucsd.edu no later than Wednesday, March 15, 2017. The Friends will select the scholars shortly thereafter. Also, please note that students should work directly with their program and may not self-nominate.

U.S. graduate students participating in a University of California EAP program should apply through the Study Abroad office (http://studyabroad.ucsd.edu/ ).

Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Mechanobiology – Applications Due: March 17

Stanford ChEM-H is sponsoring two-year postdoctoral fellowships as part of a new Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Training Program in Quantitative Mechanobiology at Stanford. The training program will provide co-mentored, interdisciplinary postdoctoral training under the research theme, “Mechanobiology: How the mechanics of molecules, cells, and tissues regulate biological structure and function.” This fellowship and new training program are targeted to recent PhDs from engineering, physical, and life science fields. We would especially like to encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to consider this exciting opportunity.

 For more information see attached. To apply online, visit: https://chemh.stanford.edu/mechanobio-postdoc

Deadline: March 17, 2017

Questions? Contact ChEM-H Program Manager, Dr. Katherine Alfieri: kalfieri@stanford.edu

Funding Opportunity Announcement (National Cancer Institute)

F99 Flyer

Postdoc Opportunity at Columbia University (Tadesco Lab)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Cryospheric Sciences

The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Scientist in cryospheric sciences. Researchers at the Observatory work to understand the dynamics of the Earth’s chemical, physical and biological systems, from the core to the upper atmosphere, including Earth’s interactions with human society. Our scientists lead research in the fields of solid Earth dynamics; ocean, atmospheric and climate systems; cryospheric sciences; paleoclimate and biogeoscience.

 Candidates should have completed their Ph.D. in Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Engineering, Glaciology, Geophysics or related disciplines. We encourage applications from those with a background in remote sensing, surface mass balance, regional modeling and ice sheets data. A clearly expressed plan to investigate problems at the forefront of cryospheric science desirable. Fieldwork experience is a plus. Excellent programming and/or mathematical skills (e.g., Matlab) and the ability to work in a team while developing his/her own research ideas preferred. Expertise in applying for funding to funding agencies and management of scientific projects are preferred.

 Applicants are encouraged to inquire about their submission ahead of time to discuss topics and applications. Please contact M. Tedesco (mtedesco@ldeo.columbia.edu) for inquiries and questions.

 Appointment will be for 1-year, with continuation pending funding and progress.

Please visit our online application site at https://academicjobs.columbia.edu/applicants/Central?quickFind=62977 for further information about this position and to submit your application, curriculum vitae, statement of research and contact information for three references.

Columbia University benefits provided with this Officer of Research appointment.

 Columbia University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer -- Race/Gender/Disability/Veteran. We accept online applications only.  

Stony Brook University Fellowship Opportunity

The Stony Brook University AGEP-T FRAME Postdoctoral Fellowship program welcomes competitive applicants for a 2-year appointment at Stony Brook University or Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). Postdoctoral fellows in the FRAME program will receive targeted support and intensive training to become highly productive and independent researchers, who can compete for faculty positions at selective research institutions such as BNL or Brookhaven Science Associates (BSA) member institutions. 

AGEP-T FRAME Fellows will also receive the following:

  • Professional and career development training
  • Mentoring and career guidance
  • Job search and career placement assistance

Please encourage members of your graduate and postdoctoral community to learn more about AGEP-T and apply by visiting our website. For questions or help with the application process, kindly email agep_frame@stonybrook.edu

Stanford Cancer Imaging Training Program – Postdoc Opportunities

Program Directors: Sandy Napel, PhD and Bruce Daniel, MD

The Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program, funded by the National Cancer Institute, aims to train the next generation of researchers in the development and clinical translation of advanced techniques for cancer imaging and its application.

This T32 training program is the evolution of the longstanding program, formerly known as "Advanced Techniques for Cancer Imaging and Detection," established and led by former Radiology Chair, Dr. Gary M. Glazer in 1992.

SCIT is a two-year program training five fellows (roughly half PhD / half MD) per year over a five-year funding cycle. Drs. Sandy Napel and Bruce Daniel lead this newly redesigned program, featuring 24 mentors with independent cancer-focused or -related funding, and seven distinguished program advisors. The strengthened required coursework component includes two courses in the clinical/cancer sciences, two in imaging science, one in biostatistics, one in medical ethics (“Responsible Conduct of Research”), and attendance at a minimum of six multidisciplinary tumor boards. In addition, trainees can select from a multitude of electives offered by various Stanford University Departments, e.g., Radiology, Radiation Oncology, Bioengineering, Biomedical Informatics, and Cancer Systems Biology. The primary focus of the program is participation in a mentored cancer-imaging research project aimed at publication in peer-reviewed journals, and presentation at national meetings. The program especially features “paired mentorship,” in which each trainee is teamed with both a basic-science and physician mentor, to provide guidance in course and research-topic selection, and in performing clinically-relevant cancer imaging research.


1. Candidate must have an MD or PhD degree.

2. Candidate must be a US citizen, or a non-citizen national, or must have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence and possess an Alien Registration Card (1-151 or 1-551) or some other verification of legal admission as a permanent resident. 

Application Deadline: April 10, 2017


CLICK HERE to visit the SCIT Program web site.

ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships – Applications Due: May 1

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) invites exceptional young researchers to apply for the ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship. This fellowship provides recipients the opportunity to pursue independent research while working alongside some of the nation's best scientists and engineers. Applicants must display extraordinary ability in scientific research and show clear promise of becoming outstanding leaders. Successful candidates will have tackled a major scientific or engineering problem or will have provided a new approach or insight, as evidenced by a recognized impact in their field.

Eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must have completed all the requirements for a Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree in the physical sciences, life sciences, computational sciences, behavioral sciences, or engineering and must be within three years from the date of their degree at the time of application.
  • Selected fellows must pass a Department of Defense clearance process, requiring a background security investigation.
  • Applicants must demonstrate exceptional qualifications with respect to academic and scholarly achievement, as evidenced by research and publication.

Fellowship terms and benefits

  • A stipend of $100,000 annually
  • Health insurance (including dental and vision)
  • Paid relocation and a professional travel allowance
  • Appointments are for one year renewable for up to three years based on performance.
  • Fellowship appointments require a full-time commitment to the research program at ARL, and Fellows must be in residence at ARL during the entire period of the appointment.

For more information: 202-334-3560 - ARLDPF@nas.edu - www.nas.edu/arl

Job Openings

Tutor and Mentor Opportunities

We’re looking to hire some of your CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY students to work not just as tutors but also as mentors to students in the San Diego community. We have found that when students (K - 12 & College) are tutored by top performing college students, then they will be more receptive and enthusiastic about the subject. I believe this will be a great opportunity for CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY majors to encourage local youths and enhance their resume while making money.

Learn more at: https://frogtutoring.com/tutors/San_Diego_CA_Tutors/

Apply here: http://frogtutoring.com/jobs/san-diego-ca

Benefits: Great pay - minimum of $30 per session, tutor chooses which grade level and subjects to tutor, as well as having the opportunity to create their own schedule, get driving compensation, periodic bonus and referral bonus.

Local Private Tutoring Position at Pivot Tutors, LLC

Looking for an experienced and professional Math or Science Tutor who can teach any of the following subjects:

Math (All levels), Biology (AP/Honors), Physics (Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism), Chemistry (AP/Honors), and Environmental Science (AP). 

Our tutors meet at our office location in Sorrento Valley Blvd, San Diego, CA 92121.

Set your own hours and availability.
Starring at rate: $25/hr

- Minimum of Bachelors Degree in the subject area that you will be teaching.
- One year of recent experience teaching or tutoring.
- Enthusiastic personality, and excellent communicator
- Professional demeanor and appearance
- Daily internet access and cell phone
- Reliable transportation and valid insurance
- Afternoon and weekend availability

For immediate consideration, please email your cover letter, transcripts, and resume to: shayda@pivottutors.com

UVa Postdoc Opportunity 

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia invites candidates, excited for the opportunity to work in a dynamic and collaborative research environment, to apply for a Postdoctoral Research Associate Position. The incumbent will perform research to develop instrumentation and methods for the complete amino acid sequence analysis of intact proteins by mass spectrometry.

This is a one-year appointment; however, appointments may be renewed for an additional two, one-year increments, contingent upon available funding and satisfactory performance. The completion of a Ph.D. in Chemistry or a related discipline is required by the start date of the appointment. Candidates must have effective oral and written communication skills, and at least 3 years of experience with the following mass spectrometry techniques: (a) front-end electron transfer dissociation on Orbitrap type instrumentation (b) gas phase ion-ion proton transfer reactions inside the mass spectrometer, and (c) parallel ion parking to isolate and stabilize products of ion-ion reactions conducted in a linear ion trap.

To apply, candidates must submit a Candidate Profile through Jobs@UVA (http://jobs.virginia.edu), search posting number 0620057, and electronically attach the following: a cover letter, a CV, and contact information for 3 references.

Questions regarding the position should be directed to Professor Donald Hunt, dfh@virginia.edu
Questions about the application process in Jobs@UVA should be directed to Lin Burton, lgb4d@virginia.edu

Job Opening at BioLegend: Technical Service Scientist


PhD absolutely required. Post-doc work preferred but not essential.

Heavy flow cytometry experience with multi-color staining.

Experience with WB, ELISA, and Microscopy would also help.

Ability to manage multiple deadlines.

Have excellent communication skills.

Fit cohesively with the culture.


90% of the day will be focused on helping customers.

As you get used to the work, we’ll add marketing projects to your plate.


Eli Lilly Job Opportunity - Application Deadline: April 17 

Eli Lilly is expanding its research presence on the West Coast at the San Diego Biotechnology facility.  As part of this expansion, we are establishing a Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry group there.  We are looking for select individuals to join this group and participate in our mission to provide innovative health care solutions to patients. 

In addition to classical synthetic and medicinal chemistry approaches, our expanded research center in San Diego will (i) emphasize the application of automation to chemical design, synthesis and testing; (ii) take advantage of the proximity to our world-class structural biology capabilities; (iii) work at the interface of small and large molecule approaches; and (iv) explore unique and innovative methods to collaborate with West Coast research institutions.  A job description for the position is attached.

We are currently targeting Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral students that will be ready to begin their independent career in 2018. As this is a new research group and the facilities are still being completed, some existing Lilly chemistry leadership and scientists that will work within this group have not yet relocated to San Diego. 

Kevin Oberg and Jacqueline Wurst will be accepting CV’s and research summaries until April 17 at the email addresses below:

Kevin Oberg, PhD


Jacqueline Wurst, PhD


Savannah River National Laboratory Postdoctoral Position

SRNL Postdoctoral Research Associate Position - Microstructure Modeling of Actinide Materials 

The Separation and Actinide Science Group at Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) is seeking a postdoctoral researcher associate to conduct computational research into fundamental understanding of nucleation and crystal growth of actinide materials. Atomistic, meso- and macro-scale modeling methods have been developed during the past few decades to study microstructure and property evolution in crystallization dynamics. The challenge lies in successfully developing models that enable prediction of the three-dimensional microstructure evolution at all time and length scales. The candidate will work in close collaboration with SRNL/University/DOE collaborators and use atomistic modeling (DFT and MD) coupled with other modeling techniques to investigate the nucleation and crystal growth of actinide materials. This research will lead to a simulation system that will integrate multiple models at various time and length scales to provide a description of the crystallization dynamics for various actinide materials. 

For more information about this position please contact Dr. Lindsay Roy ( lindsay.roy@srnl.doe.gov ) and reference this position title and number in your correspondence. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. Appointments are made through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE). 

Interested candidates should apply through ORAU’s Zintellect web site ( http://www.zintellect.com/Home/Applicant ). The job reference code is SRNL-16-02-ESD. U.S. Citizenship is required. 

The position requires a recent Ph.D. degree in chemistry, chemical physics, chemical engineering, or materials science. 

Successful candidate must have substantial experience with atomistic simulations and programming languages such as Python, Matlab, C, C++, or Fortran. Preferred candidates have experience using molecular simulations to study properties of lanthanide or actinide compounds/clusters/solids. Strong communication skills including a proven publication track record and demonstrable ability to communicate effectively with experimentalists are also required. Applicants must have completed their highest degree no more than five years prior to the date of application. This position is a temporary, full-time assignment for 12 months with potential for renewal. 

This position is open to U.S. citizens only and will require the ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. Department of Energy security clearance. 

The SRNL Postgraduate Research Associates Program is administered by ORAU through its contract with the U.S. Department of Energy to manage the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).
Oak Ridge Associated Universities - 8 days ago

Post-Doc Position at Virginia Tech University

 For PhDs or current doctoral students nearing graduation who have an interest in building organizational capacity to support strategic change, collective management, and transdisciplinary innovation in education. This is a postdoc position at Virginia Tech University that will work directly with the Provost in developing and managing destination area development and implementation.

 Link: https://listings.jobs.vt.edu/postings/71565

Postdoc Fellow Position at Stony Brook University in New York

Krug laboratory in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at Stony Brook University seeks a PhD- or MD-level applicant to join as a post-doctoral fellow. The fellow will investigate the mechanism by which host signaling factors control gammaherpesvirus latency in an animal pathogenesis system. This is a multi-disciplinary project involving cell signaling, immunology, and ‘omics’ in addition to viral pathogenesis. A PhD or MD in Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Immunology or a closely related field and experience in molecular biology is required. Applicant must be self-motivated, collaborative, and provide evidence of productivity in previous research endeavors.

Required Qualifications: PhD or MD in Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics or closely related field. In-depth research experience in microbiology, immunology, molecular genetics, biochemistry, or cell biology.

Preferred Qualifications: Proven ability to carry out biomedical research as judged by scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. Experience with molecular biology. Familiarity with animal models of disease.

For more information visit: http://www.stonybrook.edu/kruglab/

Postdoc Opening with Dr. Jesse Jokerst at UCSD Department of Nanoengineering

More information can be found here.

Tenure-Track Assistant/Associate Professor Faculty Positions available at Ball State University

Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Chemistry

Ball State University’s Department of Chemistry is inviting applications for a full-time, tenure-track faculty position in the area of biochemistry, available August 18, 2017.

Major responsibilities: Develop an externally-funded research program that complements the department’s existing research, which involves undergraduate and graduate students. Teach 10-15 contact hours (8-12 credit hours) of chemistry courses each academic term, depending on released time for scholarly activity. Teaching assignments will include undergraduate and graduate level courses in biochemistry as well as general chemistry.

Minimum qualifications: Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry or closely related area from an accredited college or university at the time of application; postdoctoral research experience or equivalent; evidence of potential for excellence in teaching and in research.

Preferred qualifications: Teaching experience at the collegiate level, e.g. teaching assistant, instructor, Assistant Professor; research interests that focus on an area which enhances the department’s existing research programs.

Send cover letter, vita, copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts, statement of teaching philosophy, three original letters of recommendation, and description of proposed research to:
Dr. Robert E. Sammelson, Chairperson at chemoffice2@bsu.edu

Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. www.bsu.edu/chemistry

Ball State University is located in Muncie, Indiana, on an attractive campus 45 miles northeast of Indianapolis. Approximately 21,000 graduate and undergraduate students enroll in one of seven academic colleges that offer 187 undergraduate programs, 84 master’s programs, and 16 doctoral programs. Ball State aspires to be the model of the most student-centered and community-engaged of the 21st century public research universities, transforming entrepreneurial learners into impactful leaders – committed to improving the quality of life for all. The university offers an excellent benefits package, including health care and retirement plans, tuition assistance for employees and dependents, and generous time off with pay. EEO/AA Employer/Veterans/Disabled.

University of Maryland Baltimore County – Tenure Track Faculty Positions in Data Science/Big Data and Artificial Intelligence/Knowledge Management

The University of Maryland Baltimore County has released a Combined Ad for two tenure track faculty positions in Data Science/Big Data, and one in Artificial Intelligence/Knowledge Management. View the Combined Ad for more information and for instructions on how to apply.

NSF Postdoc Opportunity in Industry - Small Business Postdoc Research Diversity Fellowship

The NSF has a "diversity postdoc" opportunity available that would like to receive more diverse applicants. Some of the opportunities may be appropriate for CER postdocs. Fellows propose a research topic. Salary is $75,000. It's open to US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents. More details are in the links below.

The application process is easy.

Application instructions can be found here: https://nsfsbir.asee.org

Applicants look at the list of research opportunities her eand find a match: https://nsfsbir.asee.org/jobs

Industry Post-Doc Biologist / Immunologist Specializing in Phage Display at Bioniz Therapeutics

Postdoc Opportunity at Bioniz Therapeutics. Click here for more details.

Pasadena City College Employment Opportunities

The Pasadena City College has many employment opportunities for anyone that is interested ranging from Biological Sciences Instructors to the Vice President of Human Resources. 

Please visit their website at http://www.pasadena.edu/hr/ to view the complete position announcements which detail the application and selection process as well as the minimum qualifications required for each position.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Office at (626) 585-7388.  Thank you.

Neurocrine Biosciences hiring - purification lab manager position

Scientist (Discovery Analytical)

Key Responsibilities:
Development of chiral and achiral methodologies to purify small molecules using mass-directed HPLC and SFC technology.Troubleshoot and maintain modern analytical and preparative instrumentation including hardware and software.Collaborate with medicinal chemists to deliver the analytical solutions they require. Analyze and interpret chromatographic data and reach conclusions independently. Perform analytical and liquid handling tasks to purify, analyze, and format final compounds into formats ready for in-vitro biological assays.


Requires a minimum of a BS with 4+ years industry experience or equivalent
Experience with normal and reverse phase HPLC, SFC, UV, mass spectrometry, and other analytical detection techniques
Ability to think critically when faced with a wide range of scientific problems
Experience with liquid handling, robotics, and automation
Experience in data analysis, common productivity software, and database management
Experience with Chromeleon software is a plus
Strong communication skills


View all openings

Postdoctoral Fellowship at Sanford Burnham - Cancer Cell Biology and Tumor Metabolism


The Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks Program at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute located in La Jolla, CA, is recruiting Postdoctoral Fellows to study cancer cell biology and tumor metabolism.

The Commisso Lab (www.commissolab.com) is focused on biological discoveries that have the potential to lead to novel therapeutic strategies for cancer. Of particular interest to our laboratory are Ras-driven cancers, such as tumors of the pancreas, colon and lung, which are extremely aggressive and are in urgent need of new and innovative therapies. The biological process that we study in the lab is called macropinocytosis, a fluid-phase form of bulk endocytic uptake, which we have linked to cancer cell metabolism in Ras-mutated tumors.

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join our research team. The successful candidates will be active participants in a vibrant, collaborative atmosphere. The Postdoctoral Fellow will design and implement experiments using a variety of techniques such as cell culture, cell biology, molecular biology, and animal tumor models to help understand cancer cell metabolic dependencies at the molecular level. The main goal is to identify and develop novel therapeutic targets and to discover therapeutic agents to treat Ras-driven cancers.


Experimental bench science is an essential requirement, as well as the ability to present and discuss data. A research background in cancer biology, cell biology, biochemistry or developmental biology is required and prior experience with mouse models, cell signaling, and/or microscopy is preferred.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree and demonstrate the ability to successfully spearhead a research project by having first author publications in reputable and high impact journals (published, submitted or soon to be submitted).

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and a CV. The last page of the CV should include the contact information (e-mail address and phone number) for three references. The PDF files should be emailed to Dr. Cosimo Commisso at ccommisso@sbpdiscovery.org.

Start date is flexible and positions are available starting immediately.

Postdoctoral Position at Chem-H Institute at Stanford

Openings for Postdoctoral Fellows

H.T. Soh Lab, Chem-H Institute

Position Summary

The H.T. Soh Laboratory at the ChEM-H Institute at Stanford University develops novel materials and biosensors for the early detection and personalized treatment of diseases (http://sohlab.stanford.edu/).

We invite participants for postdoctoral research fellows in the area of bioinformatics and nucleic acid chemistry and technology.

Position Requirements

Applicants should possess a Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, or a related field. The ideal candidate will have a record of scientific rigor, productivity, and creativity; the ability to work both independently and as part of a team; and a strong publication record. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.

Interested applicants should provide a cover letter, CV, and three letters of reference. This information must be sent via email (sohlab@ee.stanford.edu). Salary and duration of the position will be commensurate with experience.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opporunities: Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program

The Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program is currently recruiting postdoctoral fellows.

More information can be found at: SCIT Program: http://med.stanford.edu/scitprogram.html

Latitude Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Open Position

See more information for this opportunity here.

Scientific Curator Position, 23andMe

More details can be found here.

Postdoctoral Position in Chemical Education

The Chemistry Department at Northwestern University seeks to hire a postdoc in chemical education. Details regarding the nature and responsibilities of the position as well as the application procedure can be found here:

Calgene Postdoc Opportunities

San Diego:

San Francisco


Postdoc Research Position at the University of Virginia Department of Chemistry

Research Associate Position: The University of Virginia Department of Chemistry invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in the group of Professor Charles W. Machan. The field of study will be development of catalysts for the electrochemical activation of water and oxygen with a focus on bimetallic molecular electrocatalysts. This research project will include the design of new materials for immobilizing these catalysts on electrodes and photoelectrodes. The projects are highly interdisciplinary and focused on important energy-related problems. Further information about Professor Machan and his research can be found at cwmachan.com.

Questions should be addressed to Professor Machan at machan@virginia.edu.

More information about the application process and where to submit can be found here.

Merck & Co - Entry Level Position Openings in Discovery Chemistry (San Francisco and Boston areas)

Merck & Co has several entry level PhD positions open in Discovery Chemistry across the Merck Network (primarily in San Francisco and Boston Areas). They also have positions open in their Modalities Group, with an emphasis on peptide experience, and in their Chemical Biology Group. They are looking for candidates who would complete a PhD in chemistry in 2016 or will be finishing a Postdoc within a year.

Merck & Co will be collecting CV's from candidates to give to their recruiting committee, and in addition, all potential candidates must apply online to: http://www.merck.com/careers/us_home.html

For more information, contact Helen Mithcell, Ph.D. 
Tel +1 (215) 652 3007

Department of Homeland Security – Applications for Summer 2017 Internship Program Now Open

Graduate students interested in summer internships in the field of National Security are advised that the US Department of Homeland Security is currently accepting applications for their Summer 2017 internship program. Stipends are provided, travel expenses are covered, but unfortunately this opportunity is limited to U.S. Citizens only, and they are looking for students in HS-STEM fields, such as (but not limited to): Engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biological / life sciences, environmental science, emergency and incident management, social sciences, and more.

Please see the DHS HS-STEM Program Overview for more information and instructions on how to apply.

We will be posting more job opportunities at chemblog.ucsd.edu