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(Lab TAs)

Get Ready for Day 1


  • first TA meeting. Meet your Instructor and Lab Assistant; learn preferred lines of communication. Meet the other TAs who will share your lab space.
  • Lab TA Safety Orientation. Attend this meeting with the Safety Coordinator before beginning your first lab teaching assignment.
  • keys and text book from Student Affairs (YORK HALL 4010).
  • lab coat (long sleeve, knee length) are provided to employees, including TAs. Students purchase lab coats. if you haven't receive a coat from EH&S, contact the Teaching Labs Safety Staff.
  • splash goggles - at CHEM Stockroom (UREY HALL 1220). Safety glasses (if permitted in your class) are available for purchase at Bookstore; they are not permitted in CHEM 7L or 143A.

VISIT your lab classroom. Notice:

  • door locks/signs
  • teaching/demonstration areas, chalkboards, etc.
  • compressed gases in use?
  • telephone – does the lab have one?
  • whether lab communicates with another lab

Learn about and be ready to introduce:  

  • Lab Rules
  • Safety rules specific to the class (see class syllabus)
  • Teaching Labs Safety Exam
  • safety equipment
  • telephone or other communication with Lab Staff
  • chemical supply areas
  • instrument work areas
  • instrument/equipment storage areas
  • personal/bookpack storage areas
  • compressed gases, if any
  • hazardous waste collection area
  • broken glass containers

ON DAY 1, pick up section book/folder and your class roster from the Stockroom that serves your class. These folders contain materials TAs will need for the first few meetings. When student lockers have been assigned, return the folder to the Stockroom. Folders will be returned to TAs at the end of the quarter, with materials for Check-Out days.


  • YORK HALL 3150 (CHEM 7L, 143A, 123)
  • YORK HALL 1808 (CHEM 105A/B)
  • NSB 1104 (CHEM 100A, 108/109, 143AH/B/C/D)